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Some things to consider based on Discord discussions.



  • Find new topics
  • Find new resources
  • Study plans for jobs


  • Filter spam
  • Rank resources by difficulty
  • Estimate how long it will take to "consume" a resource

Possible places where we could get resources

  • Goodreads
  • Google knowledge graph
  • Google custom engine
  • YouTube
  • Arxiv

User actions

  • Explore
  • Learn
  • Add resources (edit/delete) --> only within a certain time-frame and within permission access
  • Add topics (edit/delete) --> only within a certain time-frame and within permission access
  • Bookmark resources
  • Follow topics
  • Add dependencies to topics
  • Create study plan

To consider

  • GDPR (abide by the European GDPR digital privacy law)
  • Developer key for API
  • Resources feed
  • Reports
  • Mod area
  • Broadcast messages
  • User feedback
  • Multiple languages
  • Next resource recommendation
  • Topic recommendation

Data needed to develop all the things above

  • Visited resources/topics: Used for ranking resources or for generating suggestions.
  • Saved resources: Save resources for later.
  • Upvoted resources: You upvote to say "I went through this resource and I learned something from it". Maybe we can call it something else?
  • Followed topics: Used to get new resources for that topic on your feed.
  • Reports: Not sure how we'll manage them yet, but ideally there will be a list and mods can go through the reports and check if resources/topics are spam or not.
  • Added resources/topics/plans/dependencies
  • Nick (registration): We could show the author of resources/study plans, add the possibility to follow a user (get the resources they added on your feed), have leaderboards. All to debate and all in a very distant future.