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Possible Funding

  • Syllabus 2.0 doc
  • USV Thesis 3.0 - USV backs trusted brands that broaden access to knowledge, capital, and well-being by leveraging networks, platforms, and protocols. Dani Grant is contact.

Growing community

  • Swag on merging PRs / Patreon perks. Swag like stickers/shirts/hoodies.
  • Local learning meetups (like Freecodecamp does)
  • Be active socially. Discord (real time chat), Twitter (announcements/polls/engagement), GitHub (code/issues/features/bugs), Reddit, YouTube (recording of meetings, launch videos, dev streams)
  • Improve awareness of project. Great docs, everything should be documented (Gatsby is great example). Easy flow to change any doc, remove all friction.
  • Super clear guidelines on how to join the community, start contributing (whether its docs/code/ideas/anything). Have code of conduct in place so no one feels bad & everyone feels empowered.
  • Best way to grow is have great product. Users will share & talk about it naturally. Encourage doing live streams of development, it's all open source code.

Active Collaborations

Possible Collaborations

  • ArtificialChat - Had a call with them (Paul Levy and main dev). Their stack is AWS heavy. LA can use its conversational bot


  • Can use Stripe connect to create a marketplace for LA.
  • Can use Aurora to host Postgres db.
  • Can give in multiple subjects & LA crafts a guide for you taking into account subjects you already know (& skipping them?)
  • Can use LRMI specification. It's collection of properties to describe educational resources.

Points to consider

  • How to do secret management. Share passwords with trusted members.
  • Need bank account & be incorporated. Potentially b-corp