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Create an open source tool that allows anyone to learn anything in the most efficient way. It should allow users to:

  • Curate knowledge through study guides. Where study guides can contain links and text with optional dependencies. Guides can be guided or unguided.
  • Extend and improve any of the study guides through collaboration. The GitHub model of forking, suggesting changes. But simpler and more streamlined.
  • Have access to an open knowledge graph of topics. Users can specify their proficiency in a given topic as well as mark topics to learn next.
  • Search for any topic in the knowledge graph and see all study guides available for a given topic. As well as show related topics.
  • Be able to extend the knowledge graph and improve the accuracy of the relationships between topics.
  • Be able to visualize the knowledge graph in various ways. Learn Anything provides both all the source code and all the data for public use.


Aside from building the best tool for learning, Learn Anything should solve the core incentive of why people learn. And that is because they are either curious how the universe works or they want to build something. To solve the latter, we want to build the best ideas platform on the web. This platform should let users:

  • Share any idea either publicly or privately.
  • Find relevant ideas based on interest and skill.
  • Let people message and collaborate to work on ideas together.

Open to change

The goals above may change. Hopefully we grow a community of passionate learners and developers who are set on solving the problem of maximizing the efficiency of learning new things and finding impactful and interesting things to create.

As the community and product grows, machine learning can be used to effectively make use of submitted information to the platform. One can imagine a ML system that can create the perfect study guides for any user topic request that is perfectly tailored to the user. This will take into account all the information that is available. Topics already learned, preference in style of learning (video, text, visualizations) and material (resources) already covered.

Same applies for Ideas platform. Ideally these two platforms (Learning & Ideas) become one of the same thing. As you learn new things, ideas are being suggested to you for potential things you can build that people want. No more 1000 of TODO or note taking apps. Solving real problems that you care about where learning is just a tool.